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How can matlab solve combinatorial optimization problems between data?

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cui on 7 May 2021
Edited: cui on 7 May 2021
How can matlab solve combinatorial optimization problems between data?
For example, I have a set of data t = [6,2,5,7,1,2,3,6,5,5,4], divided into 5 groups. The question is: How do I group the data so that the sum of the values in the group is minimized? (This is actually a production line balancing problem). It seems that the optimization functions in matlab do not define this problem well, e.g. ga, particleswarm and other global optimization functions need to specify the optimization objective function 'fun' and the number of variables 'nvars', but this problem is not well specified? It would be nice to have actual code to solve the above specific problem, thanks!
matlab 如何解决数据之间的组合优化问题?
比如我有一组数据 t = [6,2,5,7,1,2,3,6,5,5,4], 分成5组。问题是:怎样分组使得组内数值之和达到最小? (这其实是一个生产线均衡分配问题)。 貌似matlab中优化函数并不好定义此问题,比如ga, particleswarm等全局优化函数需要指定优化目标函数fun和变量个数nvars,但此问题并不好指定?如果有实际代码可以解决上述具体问题就更好了,谢谢
than such an image is a representation of the optimal solution. Here we artificially specify that the 't' data set is set in 5 groups, {6, 2, 1}, {2, 6}, {5, 5}, {7, 3}, {5, 4}, where the sum of all elements of group 3 {5,5} is 10 (or group 4), which is the largest value of all groups.
Source of the problem: The problem of balanced distribution of production lines
cui on 7 May 2021
It is the division into k groups and how to group them in such a way that the maximum value of the sum of the elements in all groups is minimized!

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