Surface generation for material removal after impact of tool

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I want to generate a surface with showing material removal due to tool influence on a particular spot.
First I need to generate a flat rectangular surface then I want show the deviation from flatness due to impact of tool.
During polishing process when tool work on a surface it removes material from the surface of the workpiece. I want to generate such kind of matlab based simulation. My material removal function at tool impact spot is MRR = k*p(x,y)*v
Please help me to generate such kind of simulation. I shall be very gateful to you

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darova on 23 May 2021
See ths example
[t,r] = meshgrid(0:10:360,0:0.2:5);
[x,y] = pol2cart(t*pi/180,r);
z = sin(r)./r;
z0 = 1; % z start coordinate
r0 = 2; % radius of a tool
for i = 1:9
x0 = -6; % x start coordinate
z0 = z0 - 0.1; % z increment
for j = 1:7
ind = ((x-x0).^2+y.^2 < r0^2) & (z>z0);
z(ind) = z0;
x0 = x0 + 1;
darova on 25 May 2021
Can you explain more about removal function? What is it?

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