How to process multiple dot mat file using for loop

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Hello every one, please help me in solving this issue
I have thousands of mat files as shown in figure for sample. Each mat file contains a variable called ‘val’ which is 2 by 19000 matrices. What I need is to extract the first raw of ‘val’ of each dot mat file and save it by naming sequentially like “x1, x2, x3……..” Using for loop.
I have done for a single file successfully by the following algorithm
>> clear all
>> load('dist (1).mat')
>> x = val(1,:);
>> save('x1.mat', 'x')
I have attached some of the dot mat files
Thanks so much in advance for your help

Answers (1)

David Fletcher
David Fletcher on 24 May 2021
Wouldn't it be better to extract what you want into a single matrix and then just save the one matrix with all the data rather than having thousands of separate files? Having said that, a basic framework for doing what you want is:
numberOfFiles= %enter number of files;
for iter=1:numberOfFiles
fName=sprintf('dist (%d).mat',iter);
save(fName, 'x');
Yared Daniel
Yared Daniel on 24 May 2021
I sincerely appreciate your help thank you so much

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