Plot a Cycle in Matlab

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chef13 on 2 Aug 2013
Commented: Danylo on 14 Oct 2022
Hi MatlabERS :),
I need to plot a cycle, but I don´t know if this is possible in Matlab.
I need something like what is displayed in this picture:
It means: 1) I change the length (Lambda on the x axis) but the E (Electric field) is not changing 2) I increase the E and the length remains the same 3) I reduce the length and the E also changes 4) I reduce the E and the Length remains the same
Thanks for your help, Fab.

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Danylo on 14 Oct 2022
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Danylo on 14 Oct 2022
So, i had almost the same task and here is how you can do it

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