Extracting information from 3D model - .stl file management on matlab

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Hi everyone
I started reading a .stl file, I alredy know how to calculate volumen and superficial area from it, but I need to extract even more info, cause it will be input data for a convutional NN. So, I need to extract data as, minimun distance between surfaces, minimum radius, maximum distance between surfaces, and so on. To do so, I used triangulation, and with some features, I was able to obtain the normal vector of the surfaces, also the X,Y,Z coordinates fo the center of each triangle, I thought that I will be able to find the minimun distance and maximum, using norm(b-a), to find all distances between trangle centers, but did not came out I as expected. This is the code that I made for this. I will appreciate any help or idea to achieve this goal, thanks
TR = triangulation(fv.ConnectivityList,fv.Points)
E = edges(TR)
startVert = TR.Points(1,:);
endVert = TR.Points([2 3 5],:);
F = faceNormal(TR)
P = incenter(TR)
for i = 1:size(P,1);
a = P(i,:);
b = P((i+1),:);
d = norm(b-a);
dis(i) = d;
Min_dis = min(dis);

Accepted Answer

darova on 26 May 2021
Try this link: Surface Curvature
Can you just analyze edge length to find minimum/maximum distances?

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