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how to inser loop in equations

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pstep = 20;
freq = (1:5);
itime = freq;
for i=1:5
itime(i) = itime(i-1) +(1./ pstep.*freq(i))
I wanted to use freq as 1 to 5 and to start calculating time from itime(1) where itime(0)=0 and start this loop for each freq.

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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 26 May 2021
in matlab , index are starting with 1 (it's not a zero based language) - so your code will not work for i = 1
I made a few modifications :
  • changed the initialisation , assuming the general rules applies to th first sample itime as well (to be confirmed by you)
  • in the for loop , be aware that how you wrote +(1./ pstep.*freq(i)) means freq(i) is at the numerator side , not at the denominator. I guess this is not waht you wanted so I changed the parenthesis accordingly
% finally this is the code after some corrections :
pstep = 20;
freq = (1:5);
itime = freq;
itime(1) = 1./ (pstep.*freq(1)); % updated
for i=2:5 % updated
itime(i) = itime(i-1) +1./ (pstep.*freq(i)); % updated
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Vedang Mhaske
Vedang Mhaske on 26 May 2021
Thank you for your valuable reply.

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