How to write text file WITHOUT starting a new line

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Daniele Venanzetti
Daniele Venanzetti on 28 May 2021
Hi Everyone,
I am trying to use either fwrite or fprintf to write data (mostly strings) in a text file but my script automatically starts a new line (maybe because the string is too long to fit in one line). Few comments:
  • I am taking data from an excel file
  • writecell() and writetable() gave me the same error so I wanted to do it as basic as possible but without success
for i = 1 : length_rows
for j = 1 : length_columns
MCI_excel{i, j} = string(MCI_excel{i, j});
MCI_excel{i, j} = append(MCI_excel{i, j},...
blanks(max_length_array(j) - length(MCI_excel{i, j})));
size_matrix(i, j) = length(MCI_excel{i, j});
fprintf(fid, '%s', ' | ');
fprintf(fid, '%s', MCI_excel{i, j});
if j == length_columns
Here below you can see the length of each string in the cells.
So, when I try to write the first row, everything runs smoothly till I try to write cell(1,8) and after about 100 characters out of 413 it automatically starts a new line.
How can I force my script to not start a new line? is it a problem of rows that are too long?
Following @Mathieu NOE nad @Jan inputs, I made some strides. I found out that changing the text the problem disappears. In my file, my script starts a new line in this occasions:
  1. at "discussed." in the string " ...but can be discussed.Format of ...". Error disappears if I turn it into " ...but can be discussed. Format of ..." (with a space after the period).
  2. at "Dry: 102%" in the string "Dry: 102% Wet: 55%". I can't find a way to change the line to make the error disappear.
  3. In other points but lines are different from the ones before.
Following @Walter Roberson input I got rid of a condition because always true. Moreover, I decided to convert everything to a string instead of char (new code is above). I found the error but I don't know what it is: in my table this symbol ↵ appears different times during my conversion and my text starts a new line there everytime. It's the first time I meet it but I want to get rid of it. Do you know how I can do this?
this is a really small picture of what I see:
Thank you for the help!

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Answers (1)

Jan on 28 May 2021
What is the contents of MCI_excel{i, j}? If the strings contain e.g. path names including "folder\next", the \n is interpreted as line break. Try this instead:
fprintf(fid, '%s', MCI_excel{i, j});
% ^^^^
Matlab does not decide to insert a linebreak, because "the line is too long". Without an explict instruction to do so, Matlab does not insert anything.
A simplification:
for i = 1 : length_rows
for j = 1 : length_columns
% Not here
% if j == length_columns
% fprintf(fid,'\n');
% end
% But here:

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