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Need some help about optimization with matlab and simulink.

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Donguk Koo
Donguk Koo on 4 Jun 2021
Answered: Alan Weiss on 6 Jun 2021
Hello, can anybody help me doing optimization work?
1) Kp, Ki, Kd is variable.
2) Run simulink PID model using that variable.
3) export simulink simulation result to matlab. (a, b, c)
4) find Kp, Ki, Kd that minimizing F=a*b*c
I tried to use fmincon function in optimization tool(matlab), but I couldn't express F as a function of Kp, Ki, Kd.
And also I don't know how to put varying Kp, Ki, Kd in simulink PID control block.
How can I solve this problem? I'd really appreciate it if you could just give me a quick.

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Alan Weiss
Alan Weiss on 6 Jun 2021
For a relevant example, see lsqnonlin with a Simulink® Model.
Alan Weiss
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