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godlike global optimization algorithm

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Samir on 23 Aug 2013
??? Error using==>hauptfunctionMotor at 63
Invalid data values within variable specified as external input in 'DTHZ19_v086_endgueltigeVersion'. Data values must neither be Inf nor NaN. Also, the values should be specified using matrices that are neither empty nor sparse.
Error in==>pop_single>@(x)feval(pop.funfcn{ii},x) at 242 cellfun(@(x)feval(pop.funfcn{ii},x),cell_pop,'uniformoutput',false);
Error in ==> pop_single>pop_single.evaluate_function at 241 funvals = ...
Error in ==> ASA>ASA.iterate at 36 pop.evaluate_function; % evaluate objective function
Error in ==> GODLIKE at 218 pop{i,j}.iterate;
Error in ==> Skript_Hauptfunktion at 92
Caused by: GODLIKE cannot continue: failure during objective function evaluation.
i´m not very familiar with the use of the optimization algorithms, that are implemented in matlab, but i have tried to learn about them. I´m using now the global optimization method "godlike", that can be found in the file exchange place.
I have the following problem:
While the godlike algorithm is finding an optimal solution for my dynamical system in simulink, which is being simulated inside my matlab-function "M_durchnitt = hauptfunctionMotor(X)", it stops after some simulation steps and gives the error information that is in the top of the text.
I understand that "godlike" is trying to give an input "X" to my function "hauptfunctionMotor(X)", that is Inf or NaN, but I can´t understand why it is doing that if I´m using upper and lower bounds and also a constraint-function "confun" to limit the inputs that the godlike algorithm is proposing. I use the following code to call the godlike-algorithm for the optimization task:
I would be very glad if someone could help me soon to find the problem. I need to continue working to become results for my project in the university.
Thank you very much in advance


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