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Is xPCtarget useable with Intel ATOM E6xx series processors which has SVDO output

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Cheng Chin
Cheng Chin on 26 Aug 2013
Commented: Castile Xaio on 17 Feb 2016
I am running MatLab with Diamond Systems ATHENA3 PC/104 CPU module.
The ATHENA3 uses Intel ATOM E640T CPU (Tunnel creek) with a SVDO-to-VGA output.
For our testing, we are using a FreeDOS formatted USB-stick. In it, we have 3 files i.e. XPCBOOT.COM, XPCTGO.RTB and AUTOEXEC.BAT. We were able to boot into FreeDOS but we ran AUTOEXEC.BAT which runs "XPVBOOT XPCTGO.RTB", nothing appeared on the CRT screen i.e. blank.
We ran the same USB stick on another ATOM using Intel N525/ICH8M chipset, and we were able to boot into xPC target
Bcos of the blank screen, we tested the same with another ATOM E6xx CPU. Unlike ATHENA3, the CM-720 does not integrate any DAQ functions but its CPU and chipset is identical to the ATHENA3. On this unit, the result is the same as that on ATHENA3
Pardon me for asking, is xPCtarget useable with Intel ATOM E6xx series processors which has SVDO output, and requires a SVDO-to-VGA converter to achieve VGA output?
Another thing is - is xPCtarget useable with the Intel 82574IT Gigabit ethernet controller?
Was checking your website on list of compatible ethernet controllers and did find "82574". Is the driver meant for "84574" useable with "84574IT"?


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Ronald on 28 Feb 2014
I have the same problem with Athena III, with a blank screen after running the xpcboot command from DOS.
matthew on 7 May 2015
It's now been over a year since the last post and I am also running into issues. Have any of you found a solution and, if so, would you mind posting it? Thank you, Matthew
Castile Xaio
Castile Xaio on 17 Feb 2016
I also meet the same problem with my Adventech IPC which have i7-3610QE/QM77 chipset/8GB memory, I got the blank screen as same as you all, I think Matlab should release some supported chipset and CPU list that will be better for user to select right target machine.

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