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Unable to execute step property of imaq.VideoDevice command

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I am unable to execute imaq.VideoDevice command step property. I have MATLAB 2012a and WinXp 512 MB RAM . The program executes fine but the problem occurs in the above mentioned command only. The error dialogue box is with "Send Error report","Details" & "Endnow" options. Please tell me about it.Is it problem with my OS or with the program.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 31 Aug 2013

Shankar Subramanian
Shankar Subramanian on 3 Sep 2013
What imaging device are you trying to run this with? Are you able to access the imaging device successfully outside of MATLAB?
Can you post the details of the crash?Please click on Details button and paste the contents.
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Sharvil on 5 Sep 2013
Hello Shankar Ya sure i can elaborate... I am able to access the web cam outside matlab & it works fine.Also I am able to execute commands like 'videoinput' ,'preview' etc.In short all the other commands are executing.
Following is the error detail Actually I am sorry for your inconvinence but will show you complete details in 2-3 days. Its just that i remember the error details include the temp directory.
The whole details will be posted in 2-3 days.Sorry ,I greatly regret for providing incomplete info.

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