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Hi Everyone,
I need really help.
I have already command in Script for Fit Data (Parameterfitting the model and data) by multiple parameter-fitting (n>1) and now I want to compare the identified model to measured data so I can get any values such as RMSE, AIC and BIC through the same command window. Usually I use the Task Data Comparison in the Fit Data-Tool using Simbiology, but I want to apply this through the script.
Would you mind helping me to find which command should I write on the script to implement the Task Data Comparison in so I can get the value such as RMSE, AIC and BIC?
Thank you in advance.

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Arthur Goldsipe
Arthur Goldsipe on 30 Jun 2021
Are you using the functions sbiofit or sbiofitmixed? If so, you will find RMSE, AIC, and BIC as properties on the first output returned from these functions. Specifically, AIC and BIC are the names of properties on this object. For results form sbiofit, MSE is the name of the relevant property. For sbiofitmixed, you can look at resultsObject.stats.rmse. You can read more about these results objects on their reference pages (NLMEResults for sbiofitmixed and LeastSquaresResults for sbiofit).
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Lasfitri Rosanty Sinaga
Lasfitri Rosanty Sinaga on 20 Jul 2021
This is literally a big help. Thank you very very much for your answer!

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