Has anyone worked through the SimScape OnRamp exercises?

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I am a Home version R2021a user and have acquired the Simulink and SimScape toolboxes. I was
able to get all the Simulink OnRamp training exercises to run. However, When I try to work through the
SimScape "OnRamp" training exercises, funny things happen, like when I follow the instructions explicitly
to set up a simple RC circuit, and click the "run" button, it doesn't work as advertised and generates error messages.
I am wondering if anyone has actually worked through all the SimScape OnRamp exercises successfully?
Ken Bannister
Ken Bannister on 12 Mar 2022
Thanks. I guess they may not always have time to do "sanity checks" on their manuals, or perhaps some cutting and pasting from earlier editions is done to save time and $$. I remember as a freshman engineer, long ago, struggling to understand how to hook up analogue computer hardware!
Ken Bannister
Ken Bannister on 13 Mar 2022
A further comment - I am believer in cranking out answers to lots of exercises. A book I recently acquired: "Linear Control Systems with MATLAB Applications," by B. S. Manke, ISBN 978-81-7409-310.3, has lots of sample problems with wiring diagrams, algebraic solutions, and numerical and graphical results. No doubt there are hundreds, if not thousands, of books that pertain to this subject, with and without MATLAB applications, but if it's MATLAB you want to learn how to use, this book is a big help.

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Ken Bannister
Ken Bannister on 2 Jul 2021
Thanks, Chris. After a good night's sleep I took another careful look and discovered I misread the
instructions on how to assign an initial voltage to my capacitor. Now it works.

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