Getting "Execution of script roots as a function is not supported:" error

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Chinmay Raval
Chinmay Raval on 6 Jul 2021
Commented: Saugyan Chapain on 26 Apr 2022 at 1:27
I am trying to find the roots of an equation x = x^3 + 4*x^2 - 8* x -12
Below is my script:
x = [1,4,-8,-12];
y = roots(x)
I have saved this code in flie_3.m script and numming it and its giving me error as
"Execution of script roots as a function is not supported:"

Accepted Answer

Kojiro Saito
Kojiro Saito on 6 Jul 2021
It seems you have another roots.m file which is different from MATLAB's built-in roots function.
Please check the following command
which roots -all
You will get custom roots.m (in bold) and built-in roots.m files.
<MATLAB_ROOT>\toolbox\parallel\gpu\@gpuArray\roots.m % gpuArray method
<MATLAB_ROOT>\toolbox\matlab\polyfun\roots.m % Shadowed
Rename the custom roots.m file to such as myRoots.m.

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