increment row in excel from matlab script

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i want a matrix [1x5], i want to write this into an excel sheet in the following pattern,
the [1x5] should repeat 256 times in the row and also should repeat 256 times in column.
Basically i want a [256x256] matrix of [1x5] matrix. i dont know how to increment the row row and column number.
Deepan Muthusamy
Deepan Muthusamy on 7 Jul 2021
i want 1x5 in 5 cells and this pattern should repeat for 256 times

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Accepted Answer

Johannes Hougaard
Johannes Hougaard on 7 Jul 2021
I think the easiest would be to keep your matrix in MATLAB and make the large matrix in MATLAB before writing the Excel sheet.
the_matrix = randn(1,5);
the_pattern = repmat(the_matrix,256,256);

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