How to Draw an ellipsoid between two 3d coordinates

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Hi, I want to draw a 3d ellipsoid between two 3d coordinates x1,y1,z1 and x2,y2,z2. The ellipsoid need to be rotated so its top and buttom touch the coordinates. It should have height of r derived from square root and thickness of r/10.Any help far I manage to draw the ellipsoid using ellipsoid() and draw it using surf in the center of axis. I dont know how to calculate and add the required angles to rotate it and the offset.Thanks.

Answers (2)

darova on 26 Jul 2021
Use rotate to rotate the ellipsoid
darova on 27 Jul 2021
Use cart2sph
p1 = [1 2 1]; % first point
p2 = [2 5 1]; % second point
[az,el,r] = cart2sph(p2-p1); % find two angles and distance

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Matt J
Matt J on 26 Jul 2021
Edited: Matt J on 26 Jul 2021
Another way would be to use the ellipsoidalFit.groundTruth method in this File Exchange submission.
P1=[x1,y1,z1]; P2=[x2,y2,z2];
ABC=[r, r/10 , r/10];
plot( ellipsoidalFit.groundtruth([],center,ABC,[az,-el,0]*180/pi) );

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