How to force matlab in a loop to always give you scientific/exponential notation?

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I want to do a for loop to produce several plots with subplots. On y-axis I always have absolute Signal intensity. For some of the graphs matlab uses then exponential notation, for others it uses for example numbers like 20000. Since I dont want to have a fix number in the exponential notation I cannot use for example
because for the aformentioned number it gives me then 20 x 10^3 where I would prefer 2 x 10^4. I want that Matlab does the adjustment of the exponent automatically based on the max number on the y-axis. Does someone know how to force Matlab to use always use exponential notation?

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Jan on 29 Jul 2021
What about:
ax = axes;
ax.YAxis.Exponent = ceil(log10(max(ax.YAxis.Limits)));


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