how can i calculate coefficient using neural networks???

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i'm trying to calculate coefficient using neural networks
output = 1.5*bias+4*input1
In this case, bias is 1 and input1 is variable.
my neural network structure
i can calculate coefficient(=4) of input1 using backpagation
But i can't calculate coefficient(=1.5) of bias
please give me help to calculate this problem

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Shivam Singh
Shivam Singh on 13 Aug 2021
The bias itself is like the coefficient of an extra input i.e., equal to 1. Since you are trying to calculate coefficient using neural networks.
output = 1.5*bias + 4*input1
So, the bias variable used here is like the coefficient (or weight) of an extra input i.e., 1.5. Now, if you consider 1.5 as an extra input, then you can obtain bias as the coefficient of the input = 1.5, in the same way of back propagation you used to obtain the coefficient of the input1 variable.
If you want to calculate “bias parameter” of the neural network using backpropagation, try using the form:
Output = weight*input + bias


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