What configuration management system do you use for Model-Based Design?

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Model-Based Design produces multiple files that require managing them through version control, and configuration management. With all these files to keep track of, what configuration management system do you use for managing your MATLAB and Simulink files?

Accepted Answer

Kai Harth
Kai Harth on 20 Jun 2011
We are currently working with a (legacy) CVS setup... but I am evaluating switching us over to SVN.

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Han Geerligs
Han Geerligs on 4 Aug 2011
we are using Visual Source safe to do the revision management.

Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 4 Aug 2011
Frederic Vartanian
Frederic Vartanian on 28 Mar 2012
medini unite is such an external tool. It offers comparison and merge of SIMULINK models and can be integrated in a number of SCM tools, such as CVS, SVN, ClearCase and Visual Source Safe. You can request a trial here www.ikv.de/mediniunite/

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