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Clearing Java Objects

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Joseph Burgel
Joseph Burgel on 21 Jun 2011
My code uses Java objects that I created and provide to ML in a .jar file.
After my code terminates, I try to run "clear java" and I get a message back that some of my objects still exist and Java cannot be cleared:
Warning: Objects of Param/TableCellRenderer class exist - not clearing java Warning: Objects of Param/RowHeaderRenderer class exist - not clearing java
How can I clear these objects? The only way that I have found is to restart ML. Not fun when co-developing between ML and Java.
Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 27 Jun 2011
Interesting problem. You might want to consider contacting Tech Support to see if they've seen this before.

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Joseph Burgel
Joseph Burgel on 28 Jun 2011
As an experiment, I removed my .jar file from the Java dynamic class path and added it to the static class path by modifying classpath.txt and re-starting Matlab. Guess what...the problem went away. So, this problem lies in the fact that ML is not properly de-referencing java objects on the dynamic classpath. Or, some aspect of my .java code is causing it not to be properly de-referenced when it's on the dynamic classpath. I have other java objects that don't have this problem and work fine on the dynamic path.

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