Problem 42780. GJam March 2016 IOW: Password Single

This Challenge is derived from GJam March 2016 Annual I/O for Password Security. This is the small-1 case of only a single password

The GJam story goes that a random block set A:Z exists to the child of a paranoid corporate president. He is worried that his password(s) may exist in the block pattern. Produce a 26 character block sequence that does not contain his password. If no sequence can be made that does not contain his strong password output 'IMPOSSIBLE'.

Input: [PW], string of 1 to 26 characters

Output: [Pstr], string containing A:Z with no instance of PW or 'IMPOSSIBLE'

Examples: [PW] [Pstr]


Google Code Jam 2016 Open Qualifier: April 8, 2016

Theory: Single password case is a three liner.

Solution Stats

80.0% Correct | 20.0% Incorrect
Last Solution submitted on Jun 24, 2018