Problem 44669. Dial Up

Each number on telephone keypads, except 0 and 1, corresponds to a set of uppercase letters as shown in this list: 2 ABC, 3 DEF, 4 GHI, 5 JKL, 6 MNO, 7 PQRS, 8 TUV, 9 WXYZ Hence, a phone-number specification can include uppercase letters and digits. Write a function called dial that takes as its input argument a char vector of length 16 or less that includes only these characters and returns as its output argument the telephone number as a uint64.

*Here is the input and output for one example of a call of the function:

Input: '1FUNDOG4YOU' Output: 13863644968* You can assume that a phone number never starts with 0. If the input contains any illegal characters, the function returns 0.

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