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Student Competitions - Physical Modeling Training

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All Files for the Student Competitions - Physical Modeling Training


Updated 23 Jan 2018

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This entry contains all supplemental materials for the online training: Student Competitions - Physical Modeling Training.
Find the training videos here:
Part 1: Introduction to Simscape
Part 2: Simscape Fundamentals
Part 3: Introduction to Vehicle Modeling
Part 4: Powertrain Modeling
Part 5: Vehicle Drive and Control
Part 6: Introduction to Multibody Simulation
Part 7: Building Components
Part 8: Building Mechanical Assemblies, Section 1
Part 9: Building Mechanical Assemblies, Section 2
Part 10: Importing CAD Models into SimMechanics
Part 11: Design Optimization
How to get licenses for student competition teams?
#1 Find your competition in the list of support competitions here: Request software on the webpage of your competition.
# Contact MathWorks and request your individual team license:

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Comments and Ratings (31)

Joshua Rodgers

On Part 3: Introduction to Vehicle Modelling I recreated the model and found that the normal force decreased on the front tire, and increased on the rear when braking. I know this is incorrect, but the ports are linked correctly. I opened up the example file provided in the resources and ran that without making any changes, this gave me the same result.

Could this be a problem with the latest version of Matlab (2019a)? I have ran this on both Mac OS and Windows and the same happens on both.

So far, the tutorials are really clear and helpful!

Aswin Suresh

Nobu Iijima

@Mahinsha Kalathinkal Nazar

1. Click "Download" button to download a zip file called "Student Automotive Teams - Physical Modeling" from the upper right corner of this page.
2. Open "03_vehicleModelingIntro" folder in the file
3. Open "examples"
4. You can find terrain data

If you cannot find the terrain data, please email us to
Thank you

From where can I get the terrain data for the vehicle modeling (Video part 3)? Is it available in the downloads? I didn't find any.

mny yazar

Mani Sanguri

how to use this?

Imtiaj Nahin Ahmed

Thanks a lot. I have found the CAD models.

Imtiaj Nahin Ahmed

Damian Prashad

Where can I get half car suspension for modeling. I'd like to see the Matlab code and the Simulink code.

Please help!

Sajad A.Anbaran

Could you kindly provide versions of this model that is compatible with R2014a or R2016b? Thank you.

JiangHong Wu

Thank you so much! And love you 3 thousands!

Pavel Osipov

Dharma Teja

Rhaian Barros

Veer Alakshendra

Hi HeeJung. Please use the latest version of MATLAB/Simulink to use the above files. If you are from student competition team, you can request for a complimentary software through the following link: . For more info get in touch with us via

HeeJung Shin

How could I use this files in MATLAB 2017a? :(

For the best user experience, please use the latest version of MATLAB / Simulink and add-ons. For more info about how to get the latest version check out the ‘Overview’-section of that page or get in touch with us via


thank you very much for your contribution

Cosimo Mercuro

Hi. I've not understood what is this student competition and how it work

Qimin Zhang

to whom it may concern,
I'm learning this simulation and thanks at first for the nice videos and examples. But when I tried the simulation step by step from the video(Powertrain), I can not get the curve which is showed in the video, even if I download the example and the curve is different. My version is 2016. If someone wants to or can help me, I will thank a lot at first and also share her or him my experience!


Where is the video?

samriddh lakhmani

How to view these videos..!
I have seen the first three a few months back... I am really desperate to see the remaining. Please help me someone ASAP.

Shantanu patil

Saif Sayed

Hi, further in the modelling of the powertrain you have entered the elements in the torque vector as ascending up to a peak value after which it starts descending, when I try the same for my engine, the data for which has been taken from the engine datasheet it shows me an error that "torque vector must be in strictly ascending order". What is the reason behind this?#

Jose Ugarte

Great video. Very useful for basic learning. I am wondering if there is any video for path planning design that you could share with me? I t would be really great thanks!

Chandrasekhar Guda

Ni lxhinsc


xia jianlin

Christoph Haring



All models were updated to the latest release (2017b), all reported bugs were fixed.

Updated document title

Added parts 6-11.

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