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Theodoros Giannakopoulos

Computational Intelligence Lab @ Demokritos . gr

Last seen: 1 year ago Active since 2008

Currently a Principal Researcher at the Multimedia Analysis Group (, Institute of Informatics and Telecommunication, National Center for Scientific Research "Demokritos".

He has received his diploma of Informatics and Telecommunications in the University of Athens (2002), M.Sc. of SIPS ("Signal and Image Processing Systems), organised by University of Patras (2004) and his PhD in the field of audio analysis (University of Athens, 2009).


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fft on samples of an audio file in matlab
Check out < this code> from the content o...

7 years ago | 0

can anyone help me in writing code for FFT of audio signal in real time and plot it's graph ?
You can either use the Data Acquisition Toolbox or the audiorecorder function. Check the examples in script3.m and script4.m of ...

7 years ago | 0