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Simpson method on f(x)
Hi, My unerstanding is that you want to be able to change the function f at successive iterations of the program, taking a user...

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Taking error message in matlab
Hi, In the line: MSS = ss(A_lat,B_lat,C_lat,D_lat) You are using the state-space model, documentation found here https://uk.m...

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how can i revert to the previous version of a script
Hello Marco, Unfortunately, it is likely that you won't be able to retrieve your old code. If you have files with the extension...

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reading the numbers resulting from the loop
Hi Berfin, The short answer is yes, you understood it right. You just multiply each number in that vector by 10^4. When MATLAB...

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What is better for differential equations - MATLAB or Simulink?
Both the MATLAB environment itself, and the Simulink environment have very good ways of obtaining numerical solutions to differe...

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How do I let a user choose what variable they want to assign a value to?
I am making a program where I would like it to display a list of variable names (already created inside the program) and then le...

4 years ago | 2 answers | 0