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Problem with JAVA I guess
For MATLAB R2020a on Ubuntu 20. I have attached a patch which should resolve the issue. I had to zip the file because MATLAB An...

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Failed to download the third-party software: MinGW 6.3.0 from
Hi, Please try the following steps to resolve this issue. 1. Download MinGW 6.3:

2 years ago | 1

How to identify the start and stop in a series of data
Hi, This solution may vary according to the type of data you have but by what you described this should work. You can find ...

2 years ago | 0

Problem with JAVA I guess
Hi Dushyant, The NoClassDefFoundError is a specific Java error having to do with the static class initialization. I have atta...

2 years ago | 1

Multi-Camera Connection To MatLab
Hi, About the workflow that you mentioned, is the camera adapter doing some multiplexing or is it creating 4 separate camera in...

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I am currently using Matlab 2019b version. How do I enable the GPU on my laptop for certain image processing applications like Fuzzy Connected adaptive segmentation(Not deep learning where we get a promt if we want to switch from CPU to the GPU)?
Hi Sushma, As the first step, to run your code on the GPU, you need to have the Parallel Computing Toolbox installed. You nee...

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Make a checkerboard matrix
Given an integer n, make an n-by-n matrix made up of alternating ones and zeros as shown below. The a(1,1) should be 1. Examp...

3 years ago