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I am an EDG Engineer at MathWorks. DISCLAIMER: Any advice or opinions here are my own, and in no way reflect that of MathWorks.

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machine failures prediction using MATLAB machine learning toolbox
Hello, It is possible to do the project that you have mentioned with the help of Deep Learning Toolbox. You can check the deta...

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Simulink coder for model containing FMU
This issue can be due any of the following: 1) Missing binaries for Simulink Real Time: The binaries for Simulink real ti...

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Code generation for event functions and ODE solvers
Hello, It is possible to generate code for event functions but it is necessary that all inputs to the “odeset” inputs must be ...

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How to edit font size of number value inside Simulink dashboard block such as a constant or gain block?
You can try the following steps: Given some constant block, create a mask for it (CTRL-M or right click and select Mask -> Cr...

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run and advance live functions
Hello, As far as I know, there is something similar that is supported in the Live Editor starting from release R2018a. You ...

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how to code this
Hi Sinan, It seems you are new to MATLAB programming. To start with programming in MATLAB you can start with MATLAB Onramp...

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Modifying line type scale
Hi Ahmed, You are trying to plot the data that is very large when compared to the resolution of your monitor. This is the r...

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