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I am an Engineer at MathWorks. My major responsibilities includes development at MathWorks. My area of Interest is in Communication and Signal Processing. DISCLAIMER: Any advice or opinions here are my own, and in no way reflect that of MathWorks.

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Simulink, Code Generation, Wireless Communications


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Selecting points from UIAxes App Designer MATLAB R2022a and get rgb data and x,y coordinates
According to my understanding you want read color values of a chart using the data cursor on a UIAxes. Each point in charts has...

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how to generate continuous data symbol (random real number)?
Hi,  According to my understanding you want to generate random real numbers “s” for some distribution with specific mean and v...

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Want to read take the values in an excel file and calculate the equation
As per my understanding, you want to read data from an EXCEL file, perform some calculation and then write output data back to t...

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How do i generate a mapping qpsk?
According to my understanding you are trying to map input bitstreams to QPSK symbols, but you were unable to find function to do...

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How can I make .xlxs file for the following code?
It is my understanding that you want to store result variable 'alp' in Excel file. This can be done by taking a counter variable...

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