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How can I get Infrared image from kinect in matlab?
you can do this, only on the windows version, not the xbox version.

8 years ago | 0

How can I track an object with kinect (XYZ)?
if you want to do that, you have to calibrate both cameras (depth and color) and you have to sinchronize both streams on matlab ...

8 years ago | 0

Long kinect recordings and .xed files
also, if you are saving to disk, you are losing data on the depth stream, because they came with values fron 0 to 2044 and when ...

8 years ago | 0

Kinect near mode problem on matlab
if you are using kinect for xbox 360, the near mode, and the IR stream wont be available, i think that those features are reserv...

8 years ago | 0