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Simulink - 'MaskPortRotation' is read-only?
If it occurs again, as a workaround, can you copy the contents of your subsystem into a new subsystem, make a mask on that subsy...

1 year ago | 0

Unwanted model reference SIM target rebuilds
This documentation page provides ideas for investigating why a model reference gets rebuilt:

2 years ago | 0

Is it possible to run a complied simulink model with "rtwbuild" in parallel?
If you have Parallel Computing Toolbox, the function parsim lets you run simulations in parallel, including in rapid accelerator...

4 years ago | 0

How to Calculate Moving Product?
The function movprod was added in 17a. There's also a list of similar functions here which are included in MATLAB, like movsum a...

4 years ago | 2

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