Vehicle Dynamics Blockset


Vehicle Dynamics Blockset

Model and simulate vehicle dynamics in a virtual 3D environment

Reference Applications

Preassembled models for a variety of automotive vehicles

Passenger Cars


Product Highlights

Virtual Vehicle Composer App

Interactively parameterize, configure, and build a virtual vehicle to execute system-level vehicle dynamics analyses.

ADAS and AD Testing

­Test advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving (AD) control features using vehicle dynamics models that capture crucial effects such as tire slip.

3D Environment

Visualize your vehicle’s dynamic response to various maneuvers using photorealistic 3D scenes created with Unreal Engine.

Component Library

Build your own vehicle models from a component library of propulsion, steering, suspension, vehicle body, brakes, tires, and driver models, as well as component and supervisory controllers.

Vehicle Scenarios

Evaluate the performance of chassis control algorithms and characterize your vehicle’s ride and handling performance during driving maneuvers, including double-lane changes and split-mu braking tests.

Virtual K&C Test Lab

Analyze the response of your suspension using Kinematics & Compliance (K&C) test data or a detailed Simscape Multibody model.