Video and Webinar Series

Project-Based Learning Using Controls Web-Based Tutorials

This two-part webinar series explains how you can use the popular Control Tutorials for MATLAB® and Simulink® to invert the classroom and create a more active learning environment. The webinars show how you can:

  • Enhance how students learn essential control design concepts and techniques
  • Engage students in project-based learning using Simulink capabilities for easily interfacing with low-cost target hardware such as Arduino® and LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT
  • Integrate these activities into your courses to improve student learning and satisfaction

The activities have been designed to improve student intuition for the theory they are learning in class and to provide exposure to some practical considerations regarding the modeling and control of physical systems. Detailed documentation for the activities has been included as part of the popular web-based Control Tutorials for MATLAB and Simulink.

Simple and Inexpensive Hardware Experiments for the System Dynamics and Controls Curriculum Professor Richard Hill demonstrates and discusses a series of simple hardware-based experiments for the system dynamics and controls curriculum.

Teaching Controls Using Web-Based Tutorials In this webinar, Professor Richard Hill explains how you can use the redesigned Controls Tutorials for MATLAB and Simulink to invert the classroom and create a more active learning environment.