MATLAB Courseware

  • Explore calculus concepts using a math-inspired syntax, interactive commands and multi-dimensional visualizations and animations.
  • Access a wide range of powerful mathematical utilities commonly used by researchers and industry professionals.
  • Combine equations, commands, output, graphics, and explanatory text in a single MATLAB script.
  • Teach the concepts alongside the computational problem-solving skills needed for a successful career.

Course Materials:


Essential Calculus 1 lectures with MATLAB: an example (download)

Calculus 1 at Texas A&M University (symbolic)

Calculus 2 at Texas A&M University (symbolic)

Other Calculus course materials (numerical)

Documentation, Examples and Textbooks:


An introduction to Symbolic Math Toolbox utilities for Calculus

Common Calculus topics in the Symbolic Math Toolbox documentation

Other Symbolic Math Toolbox examples

Numerical functions commonly used in Calculus

Some Calculus Textbooks using MATLAB

More MATLAB information:


Learn MATLAB in 2 hours

Free Auto Grading

MATLAB in Industry


Curriculum Usage Examples