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Bluetooth Toolbox

Simulate, analyze, and test Bluetooth communications systems

MathWorks Bluetooth® Toolbox provides standard-based tools to design, simulate, and verify Bluetooth communications systems. It supports test waveform generation, golden reference verification, and Bluetooth network modeling.

With the toolbox, you can configure, simulate, and analyze end-to-end Bluetooth communication links. You can create and reuse test benches to verify that your designs, prototypes, and implementations comply with the Bluetooth standard, including Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) and Bluetooth Classic. You can also assess coexistence, interference, localization, and LE Audio scenarios by modeling multiple layers of the Bluetooth protocol stack.

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PHY Modeling

Waveform generation and analysis, signal recovery, physical layer parameterization and processing

Coexistence Modeling

Performance evaluation of Bluetooth systems in the presence of WLAN interference


Bluetooth 5.1 location and direction finding, ranging

Test and Measurement

Bluetooth transmitter and receiver testing, support for software-defined radio (SDR)

End-to-End Simulation

Link-level simulation and analysis in the presence of RF impairments, path loss, and WLAN

Multinode Communication

Multinode communication in Bluetooth mesh, piconet and LE Audio networks

Code Generation and Deployment

Generate C/C++ code or standalone executables