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High Dynamic Range Images

Read high dynamic range (HDR) images, create HDR images, write HDR data to file

High dynamic range (HDR) images attempt to capture the whole range of brightness levels in real-world scenes (called scene-referred). HDR images contain a high level of detail, close to the range of human vision and exceeding the display range of the typical computer monitor. The toolbox includes functions that enable you to read, create, and write HDR images, and to reduce the dynamic range for display using tone-mapping.


hdrreadRead high dynamic range (HDR) image
hdrwriteWrite high dynamic range (HDR) image file
makehdrCreate high dynamic range image
tonemapRender high dynamic range image for viewing
tonemapfarbmanConvert HDR image to LDR using edge-preserving multiscale decompositions
localtonemapRender HDR image for viewing while enhancing local contrast
blendexposureCreate well-exposed image from images with different exposures
camresponseEstimate camera response function


  • Work with High Dynamic Range Images

    Dynamic range refers to the range of brightness levels in an image. High dynamic range (HDR) images attempt to capture the whole tonal range of real-world scenes.

  • Display High Dynamic Range Image

    This example shows how to convert HDR data to a dynamic range that can be displayed correctly on a computer.