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Core Management Tasks

Create and run a server that hosts deployable archives

You can create, start, and stop MATLAB® Production Server™ instances from the command line. Use the configuration properties to tailor each instance to a specific task or use.


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httpURL for insecure connections
http-linger-thresholdAmount of data the server instance discards after an HTTP error and before the server instance closes the TCP connection
mcr-rootLocation of a MATLAB Runtime installation
auto-deploy-rootFolder that the server instance scans for deployable archives
extract-rootRoot folder used to store contents of deployed archives
async-deploy-on-startupDeploy archives after the server starts
num-workersMaximum number of workers allowed to process work simultaneously
worker-restart-intervalTime interval at which a server instance stops and restarts its workers
worker-restart-memory-limitSize threshold at which to consider restarting a worker
worker-restart-memory-limit-intervalInterval for which a worker can exceed its memory limit before restart
worker-memory-check-intervalInterval at which workers are polled for memory usage
cors-allowed-originsSpecify the domain origins from which clients are allowed to make requests to the server
request-timeoutDuration after which the request times out and gets deleted after reaching a terminal state
response-archive-rootPath to the location where responses are archived
response-archive-limitMaximum disk space available to the server process for archiving
server-memory-thresholdSize threshold of server process at which action needs to be taken to manage responses
server-memory-threshold-overflow-actionAction taken when the memory size threshold of server process is breached
disable-control-cDisable keyboard interruptions for the server instance
enable-graceful-shutdownGracefully shut down server processes after receiving a terminal interrupt signal or program termination signal
main-log-formatText format for the main log file
num-threadsNumber of request-processing threads within the server instance
request-size-limitSet the maximum size of a request
server-termination-grace-periodDuration after which all server instance processes are forcibly terminated
user-dataAssociate MATLAB data value with string key
use-single-comp-threadStart MATLAB Runtime with a single computational thread

UNIX and DOS Control Scripts

mps-setupSet up a server environment
mps-newCreate a server instance
mps-startStart a server instance
mps-stopStop a server instance
mps-restartStop and start a server instance
mps-serviceCreate or modify a Windows service for a server instance
mps-cacheControl persistence service


Server Basics

Server Overview

The role of the server in MATLAB Production Server software.

Create a Server

Create an instance of MATLAB Production Server in an on-premise installation.

Verify Server Status

Verify that the server is started.

Share the Deployable Archive

Deploy an archive on the server.

Start and Stop a Server Instance

Start a Server Instance

Start a server instance using the command line.

Install a Server Instance as a Windows Service

Making a server instance a Windows® service is an easy way to have the instance start when the host machine boots.

Recovery Options for a Server Instance Running as a Windows Service

Specify how your system responds if the MATLAB Production Server instance running as a Windows service fails.

MATLAB Runtime Settings

Specify the Default MATLAB Runtime for New Server Instances

Set the default MATLAB Runtime for new server instances in an on-premise installation.

Specify the MATLAB Runtime for a Server Instance

Specify the installed location of MATLAB Runtime for your server instance.

Support Multiple MATLAB Runtime Versions

Configure the server to host deployable archives compiled using multiple MATLAB Runtime versions.

Supported MATLAB Runtime Versions

List of MATLAB Runtime versions that MATLAB Production Server supports.

Server Configuration

Edit the Configuration File

Set up the main_config file with custom parameters for your server configuration.

Control Worker Restarts

Set conditions determining when a server instance restarts worker processes.

Impact of Server Configurations on Processing Asynchronous Requests

Explanation of how server configurations impact execution of asynchronous requests.