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Diagnose and fix problems with a server instance

Issues with MATLAB® Production Server™ instances can manifest as connectivity failures, slow downs, or server instance crashes. Use log information generated by a server instance to diagnose and solve problems.


endpoint-rootFolder used to store server named endpoints
hide-matlab-error-stackHide the MATLAB stack from the clients
log-archive-max-sizeMaximum size of the log archive folder
log-archive-rootPath to the folder containing archived log files
log-rootPath to the folder containing log files
log-rotation-sizeSize at which the log is archived
log-severitySeverity at which messages are logged
log-handlerAdd custom log handler
main-log-formatText format for the main log file
pid-rootFolder used to store PID files
profileLog server profile information

UNIX and DOS Control Scripts

mps-checkTest and diagnose a MATLAB Production Server instance for problems
mps-profileLog profile information for server instance
mps-statusDisplay status of a server instance
mps-support-infoDisplay licensing and configuration information of a MATLAB Production Server instance
mps-whichDisplay path to server instance that is currently using the configured port

Examples and How To

Verify Server Status

Verify that the server is started.

Diagnose a Server Instance

Tips to diagnose a problem with a server.

Diagnose a Corrupted MATLAB Runtime

This example shows a typical diagnostic procedure you might follow to solve a problem starting server prod_server_x.

Manage Log Files

Use these recommendations as a guide when defining values for the options listed in Log Retention and Archive Settings.


Server Diagnostic Tools

Each server writes a log file containing data from both the main server process, as well as the workers, named server_name/log/main.log.

Common Error Messages and Resolutions

Commonly caused by requesting a component that is not deployed on the server, or trying to call a function that is not exported by the given component.