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Images, Figures, Axes, Equations, MATLAB Code, and MATLAB Variables

Include image files, MATLAB figure snapshots, axes images, equations, and MATLAB code and variables

Classes image reporter reporter
mlreportgen.finder.AxesFinderFind axes in MATLAB figure window
mlreportgen.finder.AxesResultResult of figure axes find operation reporter
mlreportgen.dom.ImageImage to include in report
mlreportgen.dom.ImageAreaDefine image area as hyperlink
mlreportgen.dom.ImageMapMap of hyperlink areas in image
mlreportgen.dom.ScaleToFitScale image to fit page or table entry reporter code reporter variable reporter


Create Image Maps

Add links to images in HTML and PDF reports.

Create and Format Images

Add and format image files for a report.

Hyperlink Image

Add hyperlinks to an image.

Create an Inline Equation in a Report

Insert inline equation in a line of text in a report.

Prevent MATLAB Figure Display During Report Generation

Make figure that you include in a report invisible in MATLAB.

What Is a Reporter?

Overview of reporters and how to use them, and Report and DOM APIs.

Define a New Reporter

Create a custom reporter based on

Subclass a Reporter Definition

Copy and edit a reporter based on a built-in reporter.