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Paragraphs, Text Strings, and Numbers

Generate and format paragraphs, text, and numbers.


mlreportgen.dom.ParagraphFormatted block of text
mlreportgen.dom.PreformattedPreformatted block of text Section reporter
mlreportgen.dom.TextText object
mlreportgen.dom.NumberNumber to include as formatted text in a document
mlreportgen.dom.LeaderLeader character for PDF output
mlreportgen.dom.FirstLineIndentIndent first line of paragraph
mlreportgen.dom.LineSpacingSpacing between lines of paragraph
mlreportgen.dom.OutlineLevelLevel of paragraph in outline
mlreportgen.dom.HAlignSpecify horizontal alignment of document object
mlreportgen.dom.VAlignVertical alignment of document object
mlreportgen.dom.PageRefCreate placeholder for reference to page number of link target
mlreportgen.dom.StyleRefPlaceholder for reference to content with specified style name or outline level
mlreportgen.dom.DisplayDisplay option for DOM objects
mlreportgen.dom.DOCXPageLayoutPage format and layout for section of Microsoft Word document
mlreportgen.dom.DOCXPageFooterPage footer definition for Microsoft Word document
mlreportgen.dom.HeadingHeading paragraph using variable level
mlreportgen.dom.Heading1Create Heading1 paragraph
mlreportgen.dom.Heading2Create Heading2 paragraph
mlreportgen.dom.Heading3Create Heading3 paragraph
mlreportgen.dom.Heading4Create Heading4 paragraph
mlreportgen.dom.Heading5Create Heading5 paragraph
mlreportgen.dom.Heading6Create Heading6 paragraph
mlreportgen.dom.FontFamilyFont family
mlreportgen.dom.FontSizeFont size
mlreportgen.dom.BoldBold for text object
mlreportgen.dom.ItalicItalic for mlreportgen.dom.Text object
mlreportgen.dom.ColorColor of document element
mlreportgen.dom.StrikeStrike through text
mlreportgen.dom.UnderlineDraw line under text
mlreportgen.dom.NumberFormatNumber formatting


mlreportgen.dom.setDefaultNumberFormatSet default formatting of numeric data generated by DOM API
mlreportgen.dom.getDefaultNumberFormatGet default formatting for numeric data generated by DOM API


Create and Format Text

Add and format text for a report.

Create and Format Paragraphs

Add and format paragraphs for a report.

Specify Space Between Paragraphs

Change the spacing between paragraphs in a report.

Format Numbers

Specify the format to use when representing a number as text in a document.

Format Numbers in a Table

Format numbers in a table using an mlreportgen.dom.NumberFormat object.

What Is a Reporter?

Overview of reporters and how to use them, and Report and DOM APIs.

Define a New Reporter

Create a custom reporter based on

Subclass a Reporter Definition

Copy and edit a reporter based on a built-in reporter.