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Stateflow Charts

Extract information from a Stateflow® chart

The Simulink® Report Generator™ includes components that obtain information about Stateflow charts. These components require that you have Stateflow software installed.

Report Components

Stateflow HierarchyProvide visual representation of the hierarchy of a Stateflow object
Stateflow Hierarchy LoopRun child components on Stateflow object hierarchy
Stateflow NameInsert into report name of Stateflow object specified by parent component
Chart LoopRun child components for specified Stateflow charts
Machine LoopRun child components for specified Stateflow machines
Object LoopRun child components for Stateflow objects, and then insert table into report
State LoopRun child components for all states in current context
State Transition MatrixInserts state transition matrix contents into report
State Transition TableInserts state transition tables into report
Stateflow Automatic TableInsert table with properties of current Stateflow object
Stateflow CountCount number of Stateflow objects in current context
Stateflow Dialog SnapshotInsert snapshots of Stateflow editor dialog boxes
Stateflow FilterRun child components only if current object type matches specified object type
Stateflow Linking AnchorDesignate locations to which links point
Stateflow PropertyInsert into report table, text, or paragraph with information on selected Stateflow object property
Stateflow Property TableInsert into report property-value table for Stateflow object
Stateflow SnapshotInsert into report snapshot of Stateflow object
Stateflow Summary TableTable of properties or parameters of specified Stateflow object
Truth TableReport on truth tables in Simulink and Stateflow models
Simulink Function System LoopReport on Simulink functions specified in a Stateflow loop