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Response Optimizer

Optimize model response to satisfy design requirements, test model robustness


The Response Optimizer app automatically optimizes system parameters to improve design characteristics such as response time, bandwidth, and energy consumption. The system parameters can be tuned to meet time-domain and frequency-domain requirements such as overshoot and phase margin, and custom requirements.

Using this app, you can:

  • Specify design requirements.

  • Incorporate parameter uncertainty to validate the robustness of your design.

  • Find the most influential parameters to optimize (with the Sensitivity Analyzer).

  • Optimize model parameters, and monitor optimization progress.

You can generate MATLAB® code from the app, and you can accelerate response optimization using parallel computing and Simulink® fast restart.

Response Optimizer app

Open the Response Optimizer App

  • Simulink Toolstrip: On the Apps tab, under Control Systems, click the Response Optimizer.

  • MATLAB command prompt: Enter sdotool('modelname').

Programmatic Use

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sdotool('modelname') opens the Response Optimizer app and creates a new session. The model must be open or on the MATLAB path.

sdotool(sdosession) opens a previously saved Response Optimizer app session.

Version History

Introduced in R2011b

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