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Get design requirement property values


    propertyValue = get(req) returns the value of all properties of the requirement object.


    propertyValue = get(req,propertyName) returns the property values specified by propertyName.


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    r = sdo.requirements.SignalBound;
    boundTimes = get(r,'BoundTimes');
    r = sdo.requirements.SignalBound;
    values = get(r,{'BoundTimes','BoundMagnitudes'});
    boundTimes = values{1};
    boundMagnitudes = values{2};

    Input Arguments

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    Property name, specified as a string or character vector. To obtain multiple property values, specify propertyName as a cell array that contains the corresponding property names.

    Output Arguments

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    Property values, returned as a scalar, vector, array, or character vector, depending on the specified property. For more information, see the corresponding requirement object page.

    If you specify multiple property names using a cell array, then propertyValue is returned as a cell array that contains the corresponding property values.

    If you use the propertyName = get(req) syntax, then propertyValue is returned as a structure. where the field names match the property names of req and the field values are the property values.


    You can access property values using dot notation, for example

    Version History

    Introduced in R2011b

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