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Find HTML trees without values



tf = ismissing(tree) returns a logical array that indicates which elements of tree do not reference HTML trees. For example, if tree is given by the Parent property of a root node, then the function returns 1 (true).


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To test if an HTML tree object represents a root node, test that the Parent property is missing.

Read HTML code from the URL using webread.

url = "";
code = webread(url);

Parse the HTML code using htmlTree.

tree = htmlTree(code);

Test if the parent of tree references an HTML tree.

tf = ismissing(tree.Parent)
tf = logical

Since tree represents the root node of the HTML tree, the value of tree.Parent is missing and the ismissing function returns 1 (true).

Input Arguments

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HTML tree, specified as an htmlTree array.

Version History

Introduced in R2018b