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Long kinect recordings and .xed files

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Jason on 21 Mar 2014
Commented: alexandra leschi on 13 Jun 2017
Hello, I'm using the new kinect support tools for the image acquisition toolbox (win 7 64-bit, R2013b), and an writing the data to the hard disk. If I record for more than about 5 minutes, matlab exits with no error window or crashdump. I'd like to analyze ~35 minute recordings.
I am able to record the data with the kinect studio, but that saves the data in a mysterious ".xed" format which I can't work with. If I try to play back the file into matlab (even only 5 seconds) matlab crashes.
Anyone have any solutions?
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alexandra leschi
alexandra leschi on 13 Jun 2017
Have you got the solution? I am currently trying to import xed files to Matlab but I don't know how to do so

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Answers (3)

Shankar Subramanian
Shankar Subramanian on 25 Mar 2014
Hi Jason,
It is a bit unclear if you are crashing during acquisition or during playback. Can you give more information? If acquisition is successful then it means you were able to save the data. Can you put some sample script of your play back code?

Jean Michel Franco
Jean Michel Franco on 9 Jul 2014
also, if you are saving to disk, you are losing data on the depth stream, because they came with values fron 0 to 2044 and when recording to disk, those values change to match the format of images wich are from 0 to 256

khloud mohamed
khloud mohamed on 20 Jun 2016
I need to know how you can save any data recorded with kinect like .xed ?
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Madhura Suresh
Madhura Suresh on 21 Jun 2016
You can save them into MAT files. Will that work for your use case?

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