how to fill an array with data from intercalated/multiple range columns

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I have a matrix A, with dimensions 4000*50. I would like to select lines 1 to 2000 (1st dimension) and columns 1 to 40 and 42 to 50 to fill an array. Is there any operation/method that allows me to do it at once, avoiding the need of the function "cat". I know I can select lines 1 to 2000 and all columns to fill my array A1:
However, I am unsure if this method/operation support intercalations, as per my requirements. Any help is appreciated.
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Accepted Answer

Davide Masiello
Davide Masiello on 4 Mar 2022
Edited: Davide Masiello on 4 Mar 2022
A1 = A(1:2000,[1:40,42:50]);

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