Speedgoat to Speedgoat TCP Communication

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I have been sending a command matrix from a MATLAB GUI to a simulink model running in standalone mode on a Speedgoat. I did this using the simulink blocks attatched. Then in my GUI I create a TCP client with tcp = tcpclient('',5027);. I can then write my data with write(tcp,data);. For the next project however I need to communicate Speedgoat to Speedgoat via TCP. I used the simulink blocks TCP Server in one model and TCP Client in the other. This built fine but when I went to the MATLAB command window to create the TCP Server object with, t = tcpserver(IP address, port), so I can write and read data from them it says I need "Instrument Control Toolbox". It seems odd that I can create a client object fine but not a server. The blocks compiled so I'm assumming my Server and Client exist I just need to enable them. Is there a way I can do this without buying the "Instrument Control Toolbox" or must I buy it for Simulink to Simulink communication via TCP.

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Diego Kuratli
Diego Kuratli on 10 Mar 2022
The tcpserver function is only available in Instrument Control Toolbox. However, you could use the tcpclient function which is included in MATLAB:
Here is an example showing TCP host-target communication:

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