exporting figure as .pdf causes axis title to display the Angstrom character incorrectly

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Hi all,
I have produced a plot and have labelled the axes as such:
xlabel('q (Å^{-1})', 'FontSize', 18)
ylabel('F(q) (barns sr ^{-1} atom^{-1})', 'FontSize', 18)
I have then exported the plot as a .pdf file with the following line:
These steps have produced the image below. As you can see the x-axis is displayed incorrectly, featuring a "#" in place of the "Å" symbol. I have tried exporting as an .eps file and that works fine, but unfortunately I need a .pdf file.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

Answers (1)

Monica Roberts
Monica Roberts on 8 Jun 2022
It seems to work ok if you use ContentType image. I'd mess with the resolution if you go this route so you get a better looking image.
This looks like it might be a bug with exportgraphics. I'd suggest reporting it to MathWorks; they might have a better answer for you.




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