How to avoid adding the striking mass to the robot body mass during a collision test in simscape?

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I have built a humanoid robot model on simulink. I want to do a collision test in which a striking mass comes and hit the upper part of the robot body to chech how much force it can sustain without falling. The problem is when I did this the model adds the the mass of the striking mass to the mass of the robot which shifts the center of mass of the robot. How can I avoid this situation?

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 1 Dec 2023
A really good way to do this is to use Simscape Multibody. With Simscape Multibody you can model contact forces between different mechanical parts, including robots, obstacles, grippers, and objects that it might pick up. This models collision without rigidly connecting the parts.
Take a look at this example:
Here is a set of examples with general contact forces
See more about the capabilities:




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