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simulating passive Hybrid Energy Storage System but getting weird values in scope

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Hello, I was simulating a passive Hybrid Electric Storage System in Simulink but by Scope for battery and Supercapacitor shows weird graphs, like shown in attachments.The current of battery starts from a 400 and then drops to zero and the supercapacitor starts from -400 and then drops to zero.
What am I doing wrong here? Is it related to battery and SC parameters or do I need to make some changes to the simulation model?

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 11 Mar 2024
One of the primary problems is that your step size isn't small enough for what you are modelling. Since you are modelling the switching behavior of your boost converter, and using a fixed step simulaiton, you need to set your step size to at least 100 times smaller than your switching period. Or you could try a solver like ode23tb which is variable step and not worry about it. You can also set up your boost convert to use an average approach (feed in the duty cycle instead of the pwm signals) to have a faster simulation. (there is a boost converter model that you can use and set to use average mode)
Irfan on 14 Mar 2024
Hello, I changed the power gui from discrete to continous but still the graphs in scope show the same values

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 14 Mar 2024
Yes, there could be problems with the model. I highly recommend that you get each piece working individually. First get a solar panel discharging into a resistive load, and make sure that does what you expect. THen make a dc/dc converter that is powered by a fixed voltage source, and goes into a resistive load. Get that working too. Once you can build both individually, then you can try bringing them together.




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