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Converting Simscape with semiconduc​torSubcirc​uit2lookup and Subcircuit2ssc results in errors.

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Hi, I have a project that mainly utilizes WolfSpeed's CAB450M12XM3 as a three-phase inverter to drive a PMSM. Because I need more accurate temperature rise and efficiency simulations, I'm using the official PSPICE file CAB450M12XM3.cir for simulation purposes. Currently, I'm encountering issues with both ee.spice.semiconductorSubcircuit2lookup and Subcircuit2ssc conversions.
1. In the process of converting with ee.spice.semiconductorSubcircuit2lookup,
Because I'm currently using MATLAB 2023b in conjunction with LTspice XVII for conversion, After running on the computer for more than 7 days, and with the temporary files exceeding 500GB, the following error popped up.
I'm using LTspice for conversion, but the error pops up indicating SIMetrix, and the conversion fails. I'm wondering how to modify this to successfully convert the file, as I intend to use N-Channel MOSFET for simulation.
2. Using Subcircuit2ssc for conversion,
I was able to generate the Simscape file. However, during initial simulation testing, the following error was encountered.
How can this part be improved to simulate efficiency and temperature rise analysis accurately?

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 27 Mar 2024
I'm kicking the first part of this issue to development to see if they get something. However, the 1st approach mostly just maps an IV curve from the circuit to the lookup table version of the mosfet. You can do this manually using grabit (look on file exchange) to get the IV curves and put them into the model, and then make sure you get the correct capacitances from the data sheet and you'll have a working model without needing to work off the spice mode.
the second model isn't working because it needs to have an equivalent thermal electrical network on the tj node. At least, that is most likely the issue. I'm not sure what the id node is for (I think it's just for instrumentation?) and may or may not need to be hooked up.
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Frank Wu
Frank Wu on 19 Apr 2024
Hi Joel, I'm sorry for the late response.
  1. Has the development engineer responded to the semiconductorSubcircuit2lookup part?
  2. You mentioned in the email that we can convert tables using IV curves, but I couldn't find the corresponding parts. Parameters like IdsMat, CgsMat, and CgdMat, what conditions are they calculated under? Could you please explain?
  3. In the Subcircuit2ssc part, I noticed that the Tj pin is using input voltage to represent temperature, where 25V represents 25 degrees Celsius. However, what I need is the temperature rise caused during operation, and the current implementation of Tj does not meet this requirement. Could you please suggest any changes that can be made?

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